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Friday, April 14, 2006

Jason: Call for Submissions

This is the sneak peek – the back door, the regular readers of this blog and The Hive are getting some extra time to get their pitches ready. Before we announce teams – before we start sending out press releases. It’s our way of giving back a little bit to the people who’ve been supporting this book before it was even announced as a book.

There will be one story set aside for submissions. The other 14 teams are booked with some of the greatest talents in comics.

James Powell will be handling the submissions – get to know him, he’s a great guy. His question and answer thread is available here, at The Hive forum. Send him an email at editor @ – introduce yourself (but keep in mind I get those emails too – so don’t go making fun of me). This open submission slot is geared towards finding some promising new talent – I firmly believe someone with something to prove will always bring their best; they’ll always turn in a story that will impress people, take them by surprise.

Here’s how it’s going to work, below I’m going to set up a postcard. It’s your job to send in your idea – tell us the story you see in the card. This will be a maximum of 40-words, put “Story Idea” in the subject line so we know this isn’t an introductory email. If we like the idea we’ll ask for a one-page story description. If we like the description we’ll ask for the script.

If you’re an illustrator or if you’re a writer with an illustrator in mind please send samples along – it’ll only help you (and copy the illustrator on the email, please). If all you want to do is illustrate than please send sample along in an email with the subject “Illustration Samples”.

The final script will be 4-6 pages long so please keep that in mind. Ideas are due May 14th – you’ll most likely hear back before that if we want a one-pager.

Also, please keep in mind James will be using the pitches and stories we receive as points of discussion for the blog. It’ll be constructive, it’ll be anonymous, but there’s a chance your ideas will be discussed publicly.

So, onto the postcard, yes?

This card was sent January 6th, 1911 – an afterthought of Christmas, perhaps, from Sister Mary to Mrs. Cora E. Mundorff of Newton Hamilton, Pennsylvania. It’s a birthday card according to the front but no congratulations are extended. This is an interesting card – it feels pretty rigid as far as what you can do with it but I know some people will take it in a direction I’ve never imagined it going in – and those are the ideas we’ll want to see as one sheets.

The card reads (with its original formatting and grammar):

McVey town Pa. Jan 6, 1911
Dear Sister I will send a card to tell you Louis is better he doesn’t have Typhoid Pneumonia the Dr says he won’t have either unless he takes more cold he looks lots better today. All the rest are well. Laura was up on Wed all day and is up today. I just got home from Perry Co yesterday.
If you get a chance soon or come down send Louis his underwear that he has in his trunk down must close ans soon, goodbye from
Sister Mary

And, a scan of the postcard:

Get to thinking – send us your ideas. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.


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