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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jason: Introducing Gia-Bao Tran and Seamus Heffernan

Cross-posted with the MySpace page...

I want to introduce you folks to Gia-Bao Tran (GB) and Seamus (pronounced Shaw-mus) Heffernan.

I met GB at San Diego Comic-Con this year - he had a table at the small press pavilion. His Xeric-award winning comic, CONTENT, caught my eye and I began to gush quite profusely (even broke-as-no-joke Josh Fialkov bought a copy). You see, I've been looking for the perfect artist to team with Chris Stevens on the lead story for the book. We've talked to a couple of folks already but they were both too busy - I was getting a little worried, honestly. This is the lead story - when Chris pitched me this story I knew it was the way I needed to start the book - it complimented Harvey Pekar's story perfectly and the two could work as book ends for the anthology. They'll allow me to run a narrative through the book. I saw the whole thing unfold instantly.

But the lead story also has to have the right artwork.

I pitched GB POSTCARDS and he seemed interested. A week after I got home from SDCC I offered him the gig and he took it. Just yesterday I got the layouts for their 9-page story, including this spread:

And it's the kind of spread that makes you smile and realize you made the right choice.

Speaking of "making the right choice" there's Seamus Heffernan. I first talked to Seamus over a year ago, I was trying to get him on WESTERN TALES OF TERROR, I believe. For whatever reason it didn't work out; we fell out of touch with each other. He went traveling across Europe and we cancelled WToT and put all of our time and effort into ELK'S RUN.

I was talking to three different artists for my story and I couldn't decide which one to go with. They were all good, but none of them were perfect. Here comes Seamus, writing me to catch up and see what I've been up to. I take a look at some of his new pages and the improvements he made over the past year was astonishing (and he was great before).

I pitched him POSTCARDS and he jumped on it. We went back and forth over the story and yesterday I received his first concepts sketches:

And it's the type of sketches that make you smile and realize you made the right choice.

I love finding new people and taking a chance on them. This book will be filled with folks whose work you likely won't be familiar with. Joseph Bergin III did a four page story in WToT #4 - he's going to floor you. Jason Copland has some books coming out but WToT #4 probably had the highest distribution out of all the stuff he's done in the past - you'll want to see more from him after POSTCARDS. Tony Fleecs' IN MY LIFETIME is one of the greatest books of the year and his work for POSTCARDS is going to be jaw-dropping. Micah Farritor's pages are absolutely breathtaking - his rendition of Paris is awe-inspiring. Drew Gilbert is going to capture childhood innocence and neatly frame it within a 9x6 page.

And they'll be alongside Phil Hester and Michael Gaydos and Matt Kindt and Rob G and Tom Beland. Noel Tuazon from ELK'S RUN. Danielle Corsetto from GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS. Jake Allen from BROWNSVILLE. The Fraim Brothers from WOLFBOY.

Brand new talents alongside up-and-comers alongside established pros. It's going to be one hell of a gorgeous book.


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